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The 10 most checked-out in the past 3 months
Title Item type Checkouts  
Computational chemistry and molecular modeling

Ramachandran, K.I - Springer Berlin 2008 - xxi, 397p.

Item type Checkouts: 5

Sunderland, John - Phaidon Press London 1981

Item type Checkouts: 1
सामायिक मीडिया और प्रेस-विधि /

Pandey, Prithvinath - Sunil Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi: 2015 - 319p.:

Item type Gifted Books Checkouts: 1

Ebbatson, Roger

Item type Checkouts: 1

Nishantketu - Sanjay Prakashan, Delhi: 2016 - 269p.:

Item type Gifted Books Checkouts: 1
आधुनिक भारत के इतिहास-लेखन के कुछ साहित्यिक स्रोत /

Choudhury, Rashmi - Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi: 2016 - 264p.:

Item type Gifted Books Checkouts: 1
आदिवासी कहानी:

Mina, Shravankumar - Sanjay Prakashan, New Delhi: 2016 - 159p.:

Item type Gifted Books Checkouts: 1
हिंदी व्याकरण /

Guru, Kamtaprasad - K.L.Malik & Sons, Jaipur: 2015 - 390p.:

Item type Gifted Books Checkouts: 1
Corporate governance /

Monks, Robert A. G., - Blackwell Business, Cambridge, Mass. : 1995 - xvii, 550 p. :

Item type Checkouts: 1
Molecular quantum mechanics

Atkins, P.W - Oxford University Press New York 1994

Item type Checkouts: 1

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